Make your next integration as easy as email.

Every company does it. You receive a "new order" email. Then, someone has to read that email and type everything into your system. Even worse, you might need to log into an entirely different website to get the order information.

Your employees don't enjoy this data transcription work and could be doing more valuable things for your business.

Convalytics can read these emails for you and automatically retrieve the necessary information from any number of other systems. Then, we automatically type everything into your system, all in the time it took you to read this far.

"Automate Everything" is our guiding principle. We aim to automate business processes when there is no value added by having a human perform that task.

You can use our automation for countless processes, such as:

And we're not limited to email.

If you have the technical capabilites, you can connect directly to our API. This allows you to trigger events from your system to ours.

Our experience with integrations means we can help connect your system(s) to other systems and data available on the web. We can retrieve, aggregate, manipulate, and return any type of data to any system.

We support small processes of a few events per month to large processes of thousands of events per day.

If you're curious, contact us through the link below, and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

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