Products and Services

At Convalytics, our primary goal is to automate tedious business processes. We specialize in building standalone functions that can easily be integrated with your existing systems. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, infrastructure, security, or scalability.

Below are a few examples of the processes we can automate for your business. We have an extremely nimble development process and can create new functionality for your business in weeks instead of months or years.

Patriot Search (OFAC Search)

  • Verify that your borrowers aren’t on the OFAC SDN lists.
  • You provide a name and we return any matches along with a match score.
  • Available via the web or as an API that can be integrated with your system.
  • Try it out! : Patriot Search on

Address Validation

  • Confirm order address and county before performing costly search work.
  • Returns normalized address details along with latitude and longitude.

Google Maps Integration

  • Determine optimal route between points.
  • Find closest provider to an appointment location.
  • Display any location or point on a map.

Automated Title Products

  • Title Search
  • Property Report
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Grantee / Grantor Search

Portfolio Analysis

  • Analyze a portfolio of loans for desired attributes.
  • Run any of our products against any size spreadsheet.

Vendor Exclusion Lists

  • Verify that your vendors don’t appear on your clients’ exclusion lists.
  • One-time list comparisons or real-time comparisons over API.
  • Utilizes the same technology as our Patriot Search.

Design Your Own Comparison Solution

  • We can take any list and quickly build an API or comparison tool.
  • This works just like our Patriot Search or Vendor Exclusion List products, but you define the values that you want to compare or find.

Custom Solutions & Consulting

  • Our team has a wide range of technical experience ready to help you with your next project.
  • We can take your requirements and build standalone solutions, or we can consult with your internal teams to help guide them to the best possible solution.
  • We pride ourselves on being flexible and having a passion for solving difficult problems. Even if you think your project is impossible, let us take a look and see what we can come up with.


Our pricing is a bit different than what you’re used to from other software development companies. Traditional development companies quote an hourly rate and estimate the number of hours it will take to complete your project. As the deadline approaches, they seem to always need just a few more hours to finish. We are different.

At Convalytics, once we understand the specifics of your project, we will quote you an exact dollar amount and date by which we will deliver. You can be sure that your project won’t go over budget and you’ll receive exactly what was promised.

Alternatively, many of our products are billed by usage. For example, our Patriot Search API is fully hosted and maintained by us, and we simply charge a flat rate per search. We are an extremely lean company with minimal infrastructure costs. As such, we can pass these savings to you with prices far lower than our competitors.

We are also open to your ideas and suggestions. Perhaps you need new functionality, but can’t afford all of the upfront costs for development. We would consider building your project for a reduced cost upfront, and an ongoing per-use charge.

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