iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy

With Apple’s slogan for the new iPhone being “Bigger than Bigger” I thought I’d do some fact finding around that claim. Full disclosure: I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy SIII for about 2 years. Aside from the marketing magic being done by Apple, I just don’t understand how a phone with 2 year old technology is being touted as the next big thing. I’m open to logical explanations which is the main reason I put this list together. What is it about the iPhone that makes people totally ignore superior technology and choose the iPhone instead?

So here’s the list of features comparing the iPhone 6 and 6 plus to the Samsung Note and Galaxy series’. What exactly is the new iPhone bigger than???

Samsung vs iPhone

Based on the features list, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus not only have smaller screens than the latest Samsung products, the screen on the iPhone 6Plus has a smaller screen than the Galaxy Note 3, and the iPhone 6 has a smaller screen than the Galaxy S3. The S3! from 2012! Granted, the resolution is very slightly better than that of the S3, but it’s not even close to that of the S4, let alone the S5.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Apple Pay. Near-Field Communication (NFC) has been on the Samsung Galaxy devices since the S3 (again, in 2012). Adoption is low simply because it’s a gimmicky feature that is harder to use than simply swiping a credit card. If Apple can garner better adoption, that would be fantastic. However, this is not a “game changer” for businesses or credit card companies.

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