Pivot Tables in Qlik Sense

Qlik released their latest data discovery and visualization tool, Qlik Sense, last week, and I’ve been putting it through the paces. Overall, I’m impressed. Qlik Sense competes directly with Tableau and I believe is the better of the two tools.

QlikSense Charts

The most glaring omission I see so far is the inability to create a pivot table (aka: crosstab). I don’t know if it’s on principle that Qlik doesn’t believe you should be creating pivot tables on a BI dashboard, but it’s a feature that I think must be added. There are probably some visualizations that are more appropriate than pivot tables, but the inability to toss a quick summary below one of my charts is just maddening. Of course you can still create a regular table, but each permutation of the data is then repeated as a new row.

That said, I’m writing this post both as a plea for Qlik to add pivot tables to Sense and as a call for hacks. Have you found any tricks for creating a pivot table within Qlik Sense? If so, please let us know! I’ll also post updates on this post as I receive them.

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