Outlandish Measurements

So I’ve been reading “How to Measure Anything” by Douglas W. Hubbard and “Predictive Analytics” by Eric Siegel, and decided to create a post highlighting things that are “impossible,” or at least difficult, to measure. Then, I’ll take on the task of finding ways to measure them. Not everything has to be business-related either. Maybe we can improve the world by measuring something that hasn’t been measured before?

I’ve listed a few ideas below, and was hoping we could use this as a list to challenge the concept that you can measure anything. I believe it’s true, but let’s put it to the test.

Here are the rules:

  • Try to be as outlandish as possible.
  • The thing being measured must provide some benefit by being measured.

That’s it!

My ideas:

  1. Employee Satisfaction: Are employees content, or are they looking to leave?
  2. Management effectiveness: What is the manager’s contribution to the succeess of a department?
  3. What locations on Earth would benefit most from fresh water?
  4. What country will be next to have a banking crisis?

Those are just a few of my initial ideas. Please add your comments and suggestions below. I’ll then create a new post focusing on one of these suggestions and we’ll try to figure out how to measure it.

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